Hitting the Streets for Autism Research

In 1999, my daughter, Megan, was six years-old and very sick.  Her regression into Autism three years earlier began our horrendous journey into the land of medical denial about Autism.  Meg had to endure frequent and copious nosebleeds, unexplained rashes, fevers, non-stop viruses, vomiting, yeast and urinary tract infections, diarrhea with alternating constipation, reflux, and continuous bacterial infections, especially ear and throat. Those were dark days and long nights as she was unable to sleep due to pain, yet again and again, I was told, THIS WAS AUTISM.  Today I know that is incorrect and the real reason is that THIS IS THE MICROBIOME, and it is very altered and dysfunctional.

I will repeat this important fact — since Dr. Leo Kanner first identified those eleven children in his 1943 paper, the medical issues of Autism have been ignored, denied and even disposed – ie,“CDC Scientist: ‘We scheduled a meeting to destroy documents” .  This gut-brain axis has been evident since the 1940’s but many have denied it and continue to deny it.  That needs to end as children continue to suffer. Megan Conrick has much in common with those children, born in the 1930’s – from Kanner :

•   “Eating,” the report said, “has always been a problem with him.”

•    …large and ragged tonsils.

•    Following smallpox vaccination at 12 months, he had an attack of diarrhea and fever

•    He vomited a great deal during his first year

•    She quit taking any kind of nourishment at 3 months. She was tube-fed five times daily up to 1 year of age.

•    He vomited all food from birth through the third month.

•    His tonsils were removed when he was 3 years old.

•    He vomited all food from birth through the third month.

•    …large tonsils and adenoids, which were removed

•    …frequent hospitalizations because of the feeding problem.

•    He suffered from repeated colds and otitis media, which necessitated bilateral myringotomy

•    Because of a febrile illness at 13 months, her increasing difficulties were interpreted as possible postencephalitic behavior disorder.       

•    He had been kept in bed often because of colds, bronchitis, chickenpox, streptococcus infection, impetigo

•   There is a long story of trying to get food down. . .   reader_3